Yancey County NC Land for Sale

The History of Yancy County NC

When the U.S. Government opened up the land beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains, many settlers from Scotland, Ireland and England made the Toe River Valley (in what is now Yancey County) their home. That culture and art are still apparent in many aspects of life in western North Carolina, and Yancey County residents are proud of their rich heritage.

Yancey County has a population of fewer than 18,000 and like many of its western North Carolina neighbors, the region enjoys spectacular scenery, mild weather and economic health. The county seat is Burnsville, and there are eleven townships in total: Brush Creek, Burnsville, Cane River, Crabtree, Egypt, Green Mountain, Jacks Creek, Pensacola, Price’s Creek, Ramseytown, and South Toe. Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain in all the Eastern U.S. resides within the county border. Yancey County NC land for sale can be purchased in each of these townships.

The county seat of Burnsville was named after a naval hero from the War of 1812, Captain Otway Burns, and today, a statue of Burns stands at the town’s public square. With a population of 1,600 residents, Burnsville is the center of the county, and features a historic downtown district housing numerous shops and restaurants, a museum of county history, art galleries, and service industries.

Buy Yancey County NC Land for Sale and Move to the Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Yancey County is conveniently located within one hour’s drive of numerous opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing, and other outdoor recreation. Connecting highways run in every direction to take residents and visitors to nearby cities and sights. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of golf courses, picnic areas and tennis courts in the county.

Culture abounds in Yancey County, with theater companies performing year-round, including an outdoor summer theater. Festivals on Burnsville’s lovely town square draw tens of thousands each year. A culture of craftsmanship has emerged in Yancey County, where artists create amazing works of art, including quilts, woodworks, blown glass items, and paintings. Art galleries throughout the county feature these dedicated artists and craftsmen, and the Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair showcases the best of the best in August. Buy Yancey County NC land for sale and enjoy quiet, happy¬† small town life the way it was meant to be!

Yancey County NC Land for Sale is the Perfect Place for any Home from Simple Log Cabins to Luxury Family Homes

From modest beginnings to first-rate culture and entertainment, the townships in Yancey County provide the best of suburban living within easy access to the amenities of bigger cities nearby. Yancey County NC land provides many options. There are diverse types of homes, from condominiums to traditional family-style homes, and you’ll find developed neighborhoods as well as new construction areas. Everything from log cabin and timber frame communities to luxury homes with the latest innovations are available. Residential homes in the Yancey County NC real estate market remain a popular investment and the steady appreciation of homes means that there is a deep appreciation for the values represented by Yancey County NC land.

Each city is interested in cultivating a family-oriented atmosphere, whether you are looking to work in the county or commute to the nearby larger cities, Yancey County NC land for sale is the perfect choice.

The county has an excellent school system featuring a dynamic learning environment and a talented staff. The public school system manages one high school, two middle schools and six elementary schools. The school district provides a safe, healthy, nurturing learning environment for children, to allow children to realize their potential, empower them with knowledge, and encourage them to continue their thirst for knowledge, long after graduation day.

Yancey County is comprised of several excellent communities with a resident-friendly plan to sustain itself through continued economic growth and residential real estate development. There is little doubt that Yancey County NC land will remain a good investment for any buyer.

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