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Why You Should Hire A Land Specific Broker To List And Purchase Your Property

When it comes down to it, “this business has always been about people.” Tom Cure goes on to say. As Broker in Charge of LandCrazy, he has seen it all. But the one important thing that holds true throughout his career is clients always come first. It was one of the first lessons he learned from his mother who is one of the best salespersons he knows. She convinced all 7 of her children to live in Western North Carolina.

Having her and growing up watching her conduct business and understanding it’s about the client, not real estate. Real estate is a side note. It’s what brings humanity out of us. It brings dreams and aspirations. The ideal bedrock for the American Dream. Most of all, understanding it’s always about people. “That’s the best part of this business. It’s not about me. It’s about the other person.”

Clients always come first

It’s a concept that is two-fold. Our agents help people to help themselves. Gratitude is one of those things that contribute to this idea. In helping clients, we are helping ourselves grow as better Brokers. This is the side benefit. That’s what Tom’s mother showed him about the process. It would only take her 15 minutes before she knew almost everything about her client. Her success in the business was due to her ability to make connections and maintain relationships.

Also, seeing the lack of professionalism within land and farm sales made us want to become involved. There was a lack of creativity and artistry. This is the way Tom approaches the business. He instills this ideology amongst the team members in the company. Seeing that there was a lack of attention we saw a need for sellers to become represented well. There is a need for sellers to be represented correctly and fairly with an agent who understands and is passionate about the land. This is where we come in. Our team can help when other agents cannot.

We are land crazy experts

Having met many agents in this industry one thing that stands out to Tom is finding and recruiting those who have a passion for the business. To see that passion and professionalism from folks that are just like me are inspiring. That’s one of the nice parts of this business. Land and farm sales can be a lonely experience. It’s not for everyone. You must be land crazy. One of the great parts of building a team that understands land is the camaraderie that comes with that. The kinship, the community. The passion for clients and in helping them identify and complete their dreams in securing the perfect property.

As Brokers who specialize in land, we belong to a community. We are artists who get together to collaborate. When a residential Broker who may not know much about marketing land refers a client to us they trust that the client will be 100% taken care of. They know we specialize and understand the WNC region so the client will be in good hands. Tom wants sellers and buyers to know the level of commitment his team has to the client.

This business is about helping our clients

The team at LandCrazy can help represent clients when other residential agents may not. Being in this business has changed Tom. He sees things differently than he used to before. In a lot of ways, the land has forever changed his character, who he is, what he does, and how he identifies with himself. “My passion for land and clients is why I’m in this business.” So the next time you’re thinking about selling your land or looking for the perfect property give LandCrazy a call. Trust you’ll be in good hands. Let’s make this a win-win relationship.