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Why It Is Important To Have Strong Ad Copies

We’ve already shared the first half of our secret formula, and now it’s time to reveal the second part of our recipe: an ad copy that speaks to the buyer. Ad copy is a feature that residential brokers often miss out on. As Land Brokers, we use this variable to stand out when we describe listings. Land is completely different from a residential property. This is why when we write we make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to highlight areas other Brokers missed. When writing the description of the property we want it to come across as conversational. The point is to excite the reader and get them to become curious about learning more. We become storytellers of the land…

Separating Static From The Noise

When looking at a listing most of the concrete information is already there. Address, land features, and acreage. A lot of buyers know the standard boilerplate description. But to us it’s boring, redundant, repetitive, and just not imaginative. Tom has been working with many buyers over the past 17 years. There is a reason why he writes the way he does. For 17 years he has been able to watch people fall in love with properties.

At Land Crazy we aim for property descriptions that speak directly to the buyer, creating excitement, intrigue, and imagination of what could be when they finally see the property. Remember your first favorite album from your favorite artist? That moment in time where you got so excited and played the songs over and over again.  The artist spoke to you through their lyrics and it made you feel something. That is similar to the experience we try to capture in our ad copies.  We are aiming for the heart.

The Definition Of Love

“Somebody give me the definition of love. It’s a feeling you get right? Excitement, butterflies in your stomach, pure joy… I’m very passionate about describing properties. There is a sea of mediocrity. I refuse to do that. I have to look at this as art. Otherwise, I’m out. The concrete of this business is boring to me. I’m interested in the connection between falling in love. The nuance. There’s a concrete bit of connection.”

When looking at property, Tom Curé, Broker-in-Charge, asks himself, “Who is going to buy this, and what are they going to do with it?” Over 17 years he has seen buyers fall in love with his properties. This is because we speak to the heart, not the mind. For example, Tom once listed a property situated alongside a busy road. While another broker would have used the traffic count to indicate how busy the road is, Tom first considered his two questions…

Speaking To The Heart And Mind

In response, he imagined an artist owning the property and using the roadside to sell their work to passers-by. His ad copy described the traffic as an asset, providing a drive-by audience to view the property as a stage. Tom goes on to explain, “If you can get into the mind of the buyer then you can make that connection, and that connection is where the purchase happens.” It’s the connection between the heart and mind again that is so important.

If you’ve read this post and the last, you now know some of our secrets… but don’t go around telling everyone. *wink wink* Here at Land Crazy our listings are 50% quality photos, 50% unique ad copy, and 100% heart. Give us a call when you’re ready to stand out from the rest. Let us tell the story of your land the way it deserves to be told.