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What Does Picasso Have To Do With Land Buying

Recently, Tom came across a Netflix show featuring artist David Choe. He was inspired by his freeform approach to art. Watch the video of David painting by clicking on the image below:

The way David allows the canvas to speak to him and develops the painting as he goes is how Tom approaches guiding buyers through a purchase. Below is Tom’s explanation of the similarities between creating a final piece of art and the purchase process.

Creating A Masterpiece

As David begins to paint it seems like he approaches drawing with childlike wonder. A splatter there, brushstroke there, and defining as he goes along. Layering and building more strokes to finally create a finished piece. It seems he wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to be himself. This style of artistry spoke to Tom and drew him closer to the artist. There was a natural affinity towards David. In a world where most people shy away from authenticity, David isn’t afraid to show vulnerability.

Allowing Art to Speak

While David splatters paint across the canvas you get to see the painting evolve and transform into something completely different. It seems as if he is having a conversation with himself. Subconsciously or consciously tapping into his mind of what his art is telling him. He is in the zone, in tune with the artwork in front of him, and developing the final outcome as he goes. He doesn’t erase or start over. Instead, he is okay not having a sense of direction and it’s as if he is listening to the art. “It’s pretty amazing how he can do that”, Tom says in awe.

Towards the end of the video, David seems to “see” his vision and understand that it doesn’t need to be forced. The beauty of this is he doesn’t try to change the painting. He allows the painting to guide him on what he should do next. Similarly, Tom had a revelation and related to David’s artistic sense. This discovery of self or process of fulfillment is similar to land buying. When you walk a piece of land, you don’t tell the land what to do. You allow the land to tell you what you can do.

Art & Land Go Together

As a buyer, you will have to be patient with the process. One should never fall in love with an artistic rendering of a house drawing. Because it can and will change. What will happen is you will take the drawing and try to apply it to the land. But that’s not how it works. The land may tell you the spot for the kitchen is not in the right place to build. Don’t have your heart set on anything…yet. Instead, you must be open to allowing it to organically develop. The land will tell you where you can build. Not the other way around.

The way Tom approaches touring land is similar to David’s artwork. He walks the land and interprets what the land is saying through map studies and extensive knowledge of the Western North Carolina landscape. Tom’s blank canvas will be the day you get in the car with him to view properties. You might bring a list with you but that list isn’t as important as the experience. Be open to the land and allow it to speak to you. Only then will you be able to find the right one.

The LandCrazy Difference

As he guides you through properties he will offer his insight. This is the VALUE you will receive when working with him. He can make your vision come to life and help see past the textures and complicated layers. Eventually, you will see your “painting” come to life and identify a good fit. In the end, your list won’t matter. This is the process of falling in love with the abstract in your search for your dream property.

This is Tom’s language. He’s not technical by nature but can add years of experience to help you define your “masterpiece”. You will feel it when you find the perfect match. Everything will click and piece together in the right way. Tom can help interpret the land’s language for you. We are all seeking answers when it’s right in front of us. Together we can help create your own “masterpiece”. So, who is in? Let’s get some mud on our boots and tires!