Transylvania County NC Land for Sale

Transylvania County NC – The Land of Waterfalls

Known as “The Land of Waterfalls,” Transylvania County, North Carolina features more than 200 spectacular waterfalls throughout the county. With a population of just under 30,000, Transylvania County is perfectly situated so residents can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the excitement of city life.

There are nine townships in Transylvania County: Boyd, Brevard (the county seat), Catheys Creek, Dunns Rock, Eastatoe, Gloucester, Hogback, Rosman, and Little River. The history of Transylvania County is somewhat typical for western North Carolina. With the land once home to the Cherokee, white settlers first arrived in the 1770s and the land was soon claimed by North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, but became part of North Carolina in 1819. Although contributing iron works during the Civil War to the Confederate army, the Transylvania County economy was still agriculturally based until the turn of the century. At that time, tourism became important to the local economy, and many resorts and summer camps emerged because of the area’s mild climate and lovely scenery. Today, tourism remains a significant part of the economic stability of the county, where many businesses continue to thrive.

Make Time Outdoors a Part of Your Every Day Life – Buy Transylvania County NC Land for Sale

Tourists flock to Transylvania County mainly to experience the unique outdoor recreational opportunities. Known as “The Land of Waterfalls,” hundreds of waterfalls reward hikers and mountain bikers with lovely scenery and a refreshing reward at the end of the trail. Of particular note is Whitewater Falls in Transylvania County, the highest waterfall in the Eastern United States. Other venues for whitewater rafting, hunting, fishing, swimming and more are within easy driving distance of the county.

Purchase Transylvania County NC Land for Sale and Build a Happy, Healthy Life for You and Your Family

A healthy appetite for life is characteristic of the residents of Transylvania County. Residents work hard to build healthy and flourishing communities, and their main goal is to create townships with a high quality of life. The safety and security of people and property is important in any community. With a committed police and fire department, as well as citizen groups that work towards enlightening the public on public safety issues, Transylvania County is definitely an area with involved neighborhoods dedicated to carrying out a vision of safety and security.

Education is another important aspect in a community. The schools in Transylvania County are both stimulating and ground-breaking. High levels of student achievement prove that the education system for the county possesses excellent staff, community involvement and sound opportunities for learning. A strong educational system is an indication of a thriving community, and Transylvania County and its highly ranked schools certainly reflect that.

Buying Transylvania County NC Land for Sale Means Becoming Part of a Growing Community and Local Culture

The communities that make up Transylvania County feature historic museums, art galleries, restaurants, shopping centers and annual festivals. Add to that: quality schools, lovely parks, a variety of churches and a thriving fine arts venue, and it’s easy to see how Transylvania County has adopted a world-class lifestyle without sacrificing rural charm. Transylvania County NC real estate continues to be in high demand, because of the unique blend of recreation, culture and general community involvement.

Located in one of the fastest growing areas in the state, the Transylvania County NC real estate market is expanding to accommodate the influx of people wishing to claim these townships as home. Transylvania County NC land features a range of housing choices, from open land for sale, river front land, lakefront land, mountain communities, timber frame communities, log home communities, to modern residential neighborhoods, Transylvania County has it all. The steady appreciation for homes of Transylvania County NC land makes homeowners happy with their investment decision.

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