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The Importance of Being “A Little Crazy”

“You have to be very brave and a little crazy to move,” says Tom Cure, part-time psychologist and Owner and Broker in Charge of LandCrazy. “You have to be honest to leave.”

Being Brave

As a Broker who has worked in Western North Carolina for over 17 years, Tom has seen a lot of people come to the area on vacation only to fall in love with what they see. They arrive from New Orleans or Wisconsin or Arizona, take a drive into the countryside, and are floored by a radically different landscape that feels rugged but welcoming, untamed but inviting. We certainly understand the allure!

What makes them brave is that when they decide they are going to move here to buy land. That isn’t a casual change. It means uprooting their lives, moving away from friends and family, and typically finding a new job. It’s a major change.

Being a Little Crazy

Making such a major change is not easy and a little ignorance can go a long way in quelling that voice that second-guesses questionable decisions. And there will be ample opportunities to do just that. Every property will have an imperfection that one could potentially dwell on to the point that they ultimately decide against putting in an offer. The same can be said of any community. Being a little crazy means not scrutinizing every decision to death and being willing to close your eyes and take a plunge.

Being Honest

People refer to real estate as an investment. While there is a monetary aspect to it, there’s also a deeply personal one, too. When a person buys a property, they are investing in a community. Oftentimes, what makes them want to move is the feeling that they are getting diminishing returns. If it gets to a point where they feel they’re putting in way more than they’re getting back, they have to be honest with themselves and recognize that it’s time for a change. This is what brings people to Western North Carolina. It’s also why many of them leave.

Tom describes the story of a person who bought a 16-acre property five years ago and thought that it would become a sanctuary for her and her family. At the time, the family was behind the idea. However, a lot can happen in just five years and now her kids are less interested in visiting and she doesn’t want to remain alone in the mountains. Rather than lying to herself and doubling down on her investment, she decided to sell, and she’s going to take the proceeds and move to a quiet beach town on the coast.

Real Estate as a Journey

Tom notes that this is just a reminder that change is the only constant in life and that there’s no reason to believe you need to remain in a community or on a single piece of property. As the saying goes, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

This is why Tom often asks buyers questions that may seem odd. He wants to understand why you want to establish roots in Western North Carolina and what trajectory your life is on. He wants to get to know his clients personally and to understand where they are in their journey. In addition to creating a genuine relationship, it also allows him to offer the best guidance as they look for a new home.