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Seasons Sell Mountain Properties in North Carolina

The Beauty of Mountain Properties
Some are sucked in by the views; others are drawn to the fertile soil; still more come for the rich spiritual and artistic culture. But what truly steal the hearts of those teetering on the brink of buying mountain properties are North Carolina’s seasons. And right now is the time when our corner of the world gets a little ostentatious. You can almost hear the colors exploding all along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is no coincidence, then, that this is also prime time for buyers to devour mountain properties all across the region (and consequently, for land brokers to be in hyper-drive. But what better time is there to be working with the land?).

Selling Mountain Properties Throughout the Year
While autumn is certainly the busy season, Land Crazy does stay occupied selling mountain properties throughout the year. Spring bursts with new life, gorgeous blossoms, and post-winter twitterpated energy – all of which get potential buyers excited for big and positive changes. Summer camps and mild-weathered vacations give parents time (and an excuse) to hike mountain properties and meet with land brokers. Winter allows buyers to walk properties and see the topography and views that are obstructed by foliage during the other seasons.

Above All, Mountain Properties Sell Best in the Fall
North Carolina gets in on the tourist action during the summertime, but our peak season for visitors and land shoppers is September to November when the trees are ablaze. The hikes are easier – the air is crisp, the snakes and ticks have gone dormant, bears are winding down for hibernation, and the views over mountain properties and ridges are absolutely breathtaking. This is the moment when the land speaks most clearly – if you are going to fall in love with North Carolina, now is the time.
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