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The Match Making Process of Purchasing Asheville NC Real Estate

Finding the right real estate in Asheville, NC, or anywhere really, is startlingly similar to the dating process – full of sparks, tears, research and beers, and ultimately matching you up with the one you want to grow old with.

The Pre-date Assessment of Asheville NC Real Estate
Like OKCupid, which will help you narrow down a partner from living mammal to someone in a 30-mile radius to a Greek Sagittarius with a psychology degree, Land Crazy knows the ins and outs of the Asheville real estate market to zero in on exactly the right space for you. However, instead of algorithms of a dating site, you’re working with real people with real experience who watch what you point at and ask you questions as you roam the mountains in search of The One.

Dating around the Real Estate Market in Asheville NC
The dating scene around here, at least in the Asheville, NC real estate market, is hoppin’. There are thousands of plots and land tracts in this region. You can answer as many questions as you want, but until you get out there and start kissing toads, you won’t know what exactly it is that you’re looking for. And as my grandmother used to say, you’re not necessarily meant to marry everyone you fall in love with. So it’s important to be patient and to enjoy the process!

The Moment of Glory
You’ve had a great time with the dentist, but everything in the apartment was white and alphabetized and you are starting to feel the spotless walls closing in…That track in Marshall was almost perfect, but the topography on the far side wasn’t suited to your permaculture vision… But then there’s that one moment when you pass at the bookstore; when you step onto the property and you know “this is it.” You whisper “don’t tell the broker how much we like it!” but she’s been doing this long enough to know that look in your eyes and catch the tear rolling down your cheek. This is the moment that the land matchmaker lives for – why the brokers of Land Crazy got into real estate in Asheville, NC in the first place – to bring you home.

The Google Search – Investigating your Prospective Piece of Asheville NC Real Estate
It is commonplace nowadays that the love-at-first-sight moment is immediately followed by internet consultation to ascertain whether the new interest is an axe murderer or wanted in Nevada. For real estate, North Carolina provides you a set amount of days known as the “due diligence period” to get a survey, conduct a septic evaluation, do a title search, etc. The brokers of Land Crazy will help you consider all of the factors to make sure that your dreamland is a logistical reality. They will provide you a list of red flags to watch for and connect you with builders, dowsers, soil experts, and all other professionals you need to get in touch with. Consider them your group of friends dissecting your prospect over a bottle of wine.

Tying the Knot Between you and your new Piece of Asheville NC Real Estate
What kind of dating site will set you up and perform the marriage? Not a one. But Land Crazy will help see you through the process to the end (even helping with the prenuptial if you so desire). They will pull all of the authorities together for the closing to make this piece of Asheville real estate truly yours. A heavenly match made in the Land of the Sky.