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The Intimacy of Selling North Carolina Land

Brokers’ Love for North Carolina Land Started on the Trails
It is no mistake that the 2000-mile Appalachian Trail crosses a road almost every four miles. Trail architect Benton MacKaye wanted to interlace the route with civilization to make the raw simplicity of the wilderness accessible to city-dwellers. Having hiked that Trail and all over North Carolina, we feel aligned with MacKaye’s intention and have found our passion in creating that land connection for others. Selling North Carolina land is a lot like hiking the AT: both are rooted in promoting a relationship with the earth.

Building a Relationship with North Carolina Land
Land Crazy taps into the idea that people want to return to simplicity – that they are pursuing quality of life rather than quantity. Just as the AT has a symbiotic relationship with civilization, we help clients find a space that offers both urban access and remote subsistence. What is so great (and easy) about this work is that North Carolina land provides both. The rolling mountains offer isolation and pure connection to the land but are peppered with large and small cultural hubs like Asheville, Waynesville, and Hendersonville.

Selling Land is about Building Relationships with the North Carolina People
This business is not just about intimacy with North Carolina’s land, but about intimacy with the people. Life happens as you look for real estate – people experience celebrations and tragedies while they are on their hunt for land. As a result, brokers can become more than just professional acquaintances.

During one closing, we learned that the buyer’s brother, a former contractor, had passed away the day before. We walked the property with the buyer via Skype – literally carrying her and her brother’s vision with us, seeing the land through their eyes, and helping them realize their aspiration. In another transaction, a swami purchased a tract to create an intentional yoga community and invited us to a celebratory picnic to bless the plot. We often keep in touch with clients like these simply because we know them intimately through the process of matching them with North Carolina land. Just as the AT is not about collecting footsteps, Land Crazy is not about collecting a list of one-time business deals. The business is secondary to creating a community of North Carolina land lovers.
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