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How LandCrazy Can Be The Key Variable in Your Escape Velocity

Owner and Broker in Charge, Tom Cure sits down to discuss his interest in the concept of escape velocity during his recent conversations with a client. Below is his stories about the connection between escape velocity and where LandCrazy plays a part. Let’s tune in!

Escape Velocity Formula

Some of you may ask what escape velocity is. Here is a quick summary: Escape velocity is the speed that an object needs to be traveling to break free of a planet or moon’s gravity well and leave it without further propulsion. For example, a spacecraft leaving the surface of Earth needs to be going 7 miles per second, or nearly 25,000 miles per hour to leave without falling back to the surface or falling into orbit.

Below is the formula for escape velocity:

Musk & Space X Launch

Growing up Tom always had a passion for astrophysics. His dad was a physicist and brother in astrophysics. So, it wasn’t strange to him that he ended up developing an interest in celestial objects and studies. He was first introduced to the concept of escape velocity via a master class, YouTube, and Space X. While watching and learning he became fascinated and obsessed with the idea of trying to do the impossible.

Many people believed Elon Musk was crazy to try to launch a rocket and land the first stage back to earth! Just even insane to wrap your head around. Musk’s ultimate goal with the launch was to make life multi-planetary. You know? Just in the case of asteroids and such… but the important fact is he achieved his mission of what most believed was impossible to do. Since the first launch in 2017, he posted 18 successful launches-twice as many as in the previous year. Next mission? To colonize Mars and save humanity from eventual extinction.

LandCrazy Stories

Sounds crazy, right? Maybe for some. But for those who are brave and willing to get out of their comfort zone, it’s a possibility. We all have a form of escape velocity. A gravitational constant. There’s many reasons why folks are attracted and pulled into Asheville, Weaverville, Waynesville, Hendersonville, Marshall, and Burnsville to name a few. Here are a few of those LandCrazy stories…

For Tom’s mother, she developed an attraction for the mountains from her work colleague who resided in the area. She immediately saw the attraction for area communities, the Blue Ridge mountains, outdoor recreations, values that are hard to come by in an urban setting. Most importantly, a place to raise her 4 children.

So she set off towards the mountains with a moving truck, 4 kids, and a station wagon along with only $1400 in her pocket. That’s incredibly bold of her and really anyone who decides to make the move, establish a homestead here must be bold. Although it took some time to leave Florida (roughly 8 hours to just get out of the state) The idea is that some places are harder to leave and have a stronger “gravitational pull”. But Tom’s mom knew it was worth the change. An incredibly daring move…yet the mountains were literally pulling her in.

Seeking Something Different

Fast forward to the present, to a similar story with a recent buyer. Tom’s client wanted to move away from South Florida and shared the same revelation his mother had. A dream to get out of the concrete jungle, seeking nature, getting outdoors, and a place to settle down and raise a family. It’s a different character, something different is going on with buyers these days. They want to get out and seek a different lifestyle than they had. They felt this deep inside them. Tom’s buyer’s escape velocity was to purchase a 60-acre tract of land with a beautiful vision to build a new home and start a new chapter with their lives.

A power greater than the gravity that keeps you in place is the love of the land. That love of the land is the greater force that will get you from there to here. and its land-specific brokers are your partners on that mission. We can guide you through the complexities of land buying and settling into these ancient mountains. So here in this heavenly place, you can begin again. Here is starship earth!

Let LandCrazy Become Your Guide

Here is your new formula:

In the escape velocity formula lies LandCrazy. If you have the desire, curiosity, and passion to explore other areas of the world there’s an opportunity and adventure waiting for you. Landcrazy can help facilitate that dream and act as your guide. Let our Brokers help find your dream property and passion for something better. Who knows? The grass may really be greener.