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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

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“I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind with my father,” Tom goes on to say. It happens to be one of his favorite movies along with the original Star Trek. The way these movies were filmed were all things that drew him into these particular styles of movies. It makes you think about life and how we connect with it. As he grew up these bits and pieces of nostalgic memories brought him back to think about the movie scenes. He begins meditating about these particular movies he used to watch and how it connects with his ideals. 

An artistic approach

“It’s almost retrospective and comes naturally to me,” Tom says. He can’t help but connect the scenes to how he approaches real estate. “If this business is just about real estate, then I don’t want to be in it. I will seek something else. The idea of real estate as standalone is boring. It’s uninspiring to me. The way I approach this business is an artistic and abstract approach. Mixed in with some concrete aspects of the business. At the end of the day, this business has to have meaning to my life.”

In a lot of ways, this movie represents how buyers approach the purchase process. It’s this thing they want to reconnect with. The mashed potatoes represent land, a natural connection that we long for. This is what most of our clients are searching for. They want to get away from the city life sitting in traffic for hours on end waiting to get home. It’s this idea that there’s something more out there. We want to get back to where it all started for all of us. Whereas on the seller side it’s this idea that this has to be more than real estate. It has to be a form of art. 

The LandCrazy difference

Tom is always in a space where he tries to represent the seller’s property in the best light. The land is not mechanical, it’s art. Art moves and flows. There’s a visceral reaction people have to art. When Tom works with his clients he wants to evoke emotions, thoughts, and appreciation for the land. When he is on tour with a buyer he allows the land to speak for itself as an art piece would. The land will remind you to take care of the land. We are all searching for a place to belong and reconnect with. That reconnection is done through the land.

This business is not about real estate. Real Estate is the vehicle that connects with the close encounter with the “alien” inside you. The alien is this idea that it’s in your mind. At dinner you’re thinking about it, sitting in traffic, or in an office that removes nature away from you. You begin to think about this thing you don’t understand. If you’re lucky enough or brave enough to explore that curiosity or inner voice. The inner connection means more than where you are currently. Over the years Tom has been lucky enough to be in that space with his buyers. 

A partner for the ride

This space is where buyers are exploring nature’s call. It’s that idea that once you get a little taste of nature it’s something that you cannot ignore. People around you will notice and it’s contagious enough to draw people into buying land or getting back to the land. Letting land become part of your story again. 

Having this connection is where the magic happens. It’s part hot air balloon ride which is magical but then it’s something tangible where we can help you with the cadence of closing. The hot air balloon ride has to come down at some point. It’s the particular idea of how we can balance the magical with the tangible. We have years of experience to bring that balance to a successful marketing campaign for the seller and a successful land tour for the buyer. 

Reconnect with the land again

Everything these days is designed to take you away from the connection that we all seek and need. The connection is with nature and earth. Becoming grounded and becoming whole again. Who wouldn’t want to feel this? Tom considers himself lucky to be present when the magic happens. When the buyers find the perfect piece of land or when the sellers receive an offer. These are all of the great things we get to do that are lacking in this business. The relationship we have with our clients is what it all comes down to. The most important thing with this business is being a part of the ride and discovery. Let LandCrazy become your support system and help you find the connection you have been looking for.