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Difference Between Residential Vs. Land Broker

For many property owners in Western North Carolina and throughout the United States, residential broker and land broker might mean the same. However, this is where most people go wrong, incorrectly distinguishing the difference between the two....

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Take Advantage of the Current Hot Markets

The lumber industry experienced an unexpected boom with the huge drop in prices of some products such as oil. Although lumber prices slumped immediately after lockdowns, the sector gained right away once the demand caused by the remodeling bona...

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The Intimacy of Selling North Carolina Land

Brokers’ Love for North Carolina Land Started on the Trails It is no mistake that the 2000-mile Appalachian Trail crosses a road almost every four miles. Trail architect Benton MacKaye wanted to interlace the route with civilization to make ...

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Seasons Sell Mountain Properties in North Carolina

The Beauty of Mountain Properties Some are sucked in by the views; others are drawn to the fertile soil; still more come for the rich spiritual and artistic culture. But what truly steal the hearts of those teetering on the brink of buying mou...

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Different types of Farmland for Sale near Asheville

What You Need to Know about Farmland for Sale These rollin’ hills are speckled with the intermittent large-scale operations in the flatlands, but the vast majority of agriculture in this region is dominated by small farms and homesteads of j...

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Buying Mountain Land…and Then What?

Most people who buy land in the mountains don’t intend to pitch a tent, build a campfire and call it a day. Your mountain land is the foundation for a summertime oasis or a homestead where children can grow up healthy and barefoot, which impl...

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