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Making A Beautiful Sausage

It’s often said that no one wants to see or know how the sausage gets made. With actual sausage, there is certainly some truth to that, but we’re not talking sausage today; we’re talking Western North Carolina real estate. Over the past f...

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Zen and the Art of Digital Marketing

In previous posts, we’ve discussed some of the ingredients that go into successfully marketing a piece of property. So far, we’ve touched on the importance of strong ad copy, great pictures, and staging that puts properties in their best li...

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What The Grouch Has To Do With Staging Your Property

We’ve already talked about two of the ingredients that go into successful property marketing in our first two blog posts this year: great pictures and stellar ad copy. The next step is all about making sure the property is presented in the be...

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Why It Is Important To Have Strong Ad Copies

We’ve already shared the first half of our secret formula, and now it’s time to reveal the second part of our recipe: an ad copy that speaks to the buyer. Ad copy is a feature that residential brokers often miss out on. As Land Brokers, we ...

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Success Planning with Land Crazy in 2022

As we enter into the brand New Year we want to begin to share with you our secret formula. Shhh, don’t tell anybody because it’s not rocket science. Anybody can do it but so is losing weight. It’s a concept that seems to be too easy but n...

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How Contra Dancing Relates To The Real Estate Process

Have you ever heard of a contra dance? It’s a folk dance, Tom, Broker in Charge enjoys participating in. Tom discusses the complexity of contra dance to the real estate process. The dance is intimidating in the beginning but after going throu...

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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Click on the image to watch the video clip prior to reading the blog post “I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind with my father,'' Tom goes on to say. It happens to be one of his favorite movies along with the original Star Trek. Th...

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What Does Picasso Have To Do With Land Buying

Recently, Tom came across a Netflix show featuring artist David Choe. He was inspired by his freeform approach to art. Watch the video of David painting by clicking on the image below: The way David allows the canvas to speak to him and de...

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