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Buying Mountain Land…and Then What?

Most people who buy land in the mountains don’t intend to pitch a tent, build a campfire and call it a day. Your mountain land is the foundation for a summertime oasis or a homestead where children can grow up healthy and barefoot, which implies that you need a roof and a few walls to accompany your new property. Once you have the land, you need the structure, and Land Crazy can offer guidance in taking that next leap.

Deciding to Build on Mountain Land
Building a dream home in the mountains can offer a broad intersection of emotions. On the one hand, you become an enthusiastic visionary, manifesting your deepest desires down to every last detail. You want a U-shaped kitchen or a tap dance floor for when your daughter decides to wear shoes – it’s yours. But then comes the recognition that you must realize your vision down to every last detail…What kind of wood and finishing will you use on your dance floor? Will the house’s piping be PBC or copper? Light fixtures, roofing, drawer handles wiring, moving walls at the last minute. Each of these decisions becomes your responsibility whether you know the difference between PBC and copper or not. In deciding to build on land in the mountains, you need a trustworthy builder who is familiar with the topography and offers a balance between deep listening and providing expertise.

Choosing a Builder for Mountain Land
With all of the decisions that lie ahead, the most important is choosing a builder for your mountain land. You will be essentially married to this professional for six months to a year, so it would be ideal to find someone with whom you get along and whom you trust and respect. Experts in the mountain land industry, such as the realtors of Land Crazy, work symbiotically with builders of all kinds. We have worked with contractors who specialize in log homes, modular houses, traditional stick builds, remodeled and cutting-edge contemporary homes. Call those who have worked with every kind of construction and personality in the biz for a reference that suits your vision.

How Land Crazy can Help you Find a Builder for your Land in the Mountains
Like a gallery owner who doesn’t necessarily have a knack for painting but knows a masterpiece when it comes through the door, the realtors of Land Crazy have developed a competency around quality construction and an appreciation for the artistic styles of the builders in our network. After bonding over your quest for the ideal mountain land, Land Crazy can confidently refer you to a builder that will suit your vision, personality, and style. Call 828 400 3475 for more information about builder partnerships and references.
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