Thoughts on the Doring land…

Russ and Sue Waterfall

The lead came in and their names were Sue and Russ. They had a passion for all things Scotland, Scottish games and all things land and farm. They wanted to be near Asheville but didn’t need to be in it. They had a dream, like so many of our land buyers have. Some of our buyers manifest their dreams “no matter what,” others just carry the dream around and they never see it thru. Hiking with these guys I had a feeling they were the “no matter what” kind. I’m not going to get into details but it was an epic deal and “no matter what” played the strongest role in it all.

I like when I hike land with buyers and I get to “see” and “feel” that moment when their eyes light up. In that very instant where love strikes.  I don’t know what actually happens in them but I can recognize it, the moment it strikes their heart.  Most buyers have a dazed look  that lasts for a while.  We hike and hike and hike and nothing. There is the: I don’t thinks so, it’s not quite it but I like it, I want to think about it, I have to talk it over with my spouse, I have to pray about it OR “THIS IS IT”.  To me, certainty is the sexiest of all feelings. I like itRuss and his baby goats for me but mostly I like it for them. I like when the land buyers knows that they are standing on land that they will work, farm, share and enjoy. I like when I can see their thoughts hover just above their heads and eyes filled with possibilities. It is simply a most delicious moment. The day I hiked THE land with Russ and Sue I remember when she looked around and she looked at Russ and she looked at me and WE all knew …. this was it. The search was over.

Last week, 2 years later,  I got invited by Russ and Sue to visit their farm. Sue had to go to work but Russ was kind enough to keep the appointment and show me around the farm.There waRuss in a cloaks a sea of sweat equity that is most evident to one who knows what before looked like.  I hiked behind him and enjoyed the joy in his voice. My favorite part of his story telling, was when his voice lit up as he was describing his Sue on their tractor. Like an easy tickle.  We hiked to the areas that I had asked the seller to clear for the view and BOOM….there it was, the view I knew was behind all that overgrown wild. How lucky are they to live inside of the results of a dream manifested. Congratulations and thank you for letting us witness the journey.

See you in the woods….
jackie cure

PS…Russ loved the land thing so much…he is now one of our Land Specific Brokers. [email protected]
Maybe Sue will get her own email one day.  Love you guys. Thank you again.