Planning a Home Design for your Mountain Land

17 MLSYou’ve just gotten your new plot and you’re ready to break ground. But if you can stave off your enthusiasm to dig in, it is actually a good idea to study your mountain land for a year or so to get a feel for the space before creating the plan. Once you truly know your mountain land, you can start to search for or create a house design. Note that this step comes AFTER buying the property – it is much easier to accommodate mountain land than find a property to fit a blueprint. Many designs are available on the internet. If you already have a homebuilder in mind, you might be able to use plans from previous projects. You can also look up designs on the internet or even hire an architect for custom blueprints if it’s in your budget.

Land a Good Builder for your new Mountain Home

Builders tend to operate through referrals. As you drive around and familiarize yourself with your new land in the mountains, keep your eyes peeled for construction that catches your fancy. Knock on doors and ask your neighbors about their experience with their builders. Ask friends, your land brokers, and local real estate agents. Once you get a few names, give the builders a call for an interview. Are they familiar with mountainous land? What are their strongest selling points? Are they hands-on builders or do they primarily work with contractors? Make sure they have a reference list. Many builders even have keys to the homes of their previous projects.

You want to make sure they are very detailed – that the trim lines up; that the masonry around the fireplace doesn’t have excess mortar. Lastly, not only do you want to like their work, but you must also have good chemistry. You will be a team for anywhere from four to fourteen months, so you want to be sure you have a strong foundation of trust, mutual respect, and amicability.

Construction of your new Home on your Mountain Land

Now it’s time for a glass of wine, a bit of yoga or meditation, or whatever Zenful tactic you have in your arsenal, because this is where the fun begins. You now have hundreds of decisions to make. Colors, flooring, carpeting, plumbing, cabinetry…This is the time to look at Pinterest, magazines, websites, or even call in a designer if you choose, to create a vision for your home and convey it to your builder. Better communication means better manifestation of the image you’ve got in your head. Wander through other homes, Home Depot, and Lowes. Download the design app, HOUZZ, if you have a smart phone. Cut out images for a photo album and put a collage of your interior together.

After you’ve got the electricity on and the furniture in place, pop a roast in the oven and invite the builders and the Land Crazy brokers over to see the transformation of your mountain land into a new dream home! See?! It’s that simple!

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