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Christina Hoffman

Christina Hoffman
Land and Farm Broker
For Christina, being outdoors and in the garden is in her blood. Her great-great grandfather was dubbed the Pecan King of the South for the prized pecans he grew, her grandmother was an avid member of the garden club and her grandfather grew the tastiest tomatoes! Christina hails from New Orleans, LA originally. Her Mom is a Mississippi native and her father is a 3rd generation New Orleanian. Christina caught the nature bug when she went to outdoor camps and spent time on her grandfather’s farm in Northern Mississippi when she was a child. After high school she moved to Reno, NV to go to college. Soon into her first year there she discovered snow skiing and jumped into a life of being a ski and race instructor in Lake Tahoe. So, if you ever need ski lessons, let her know! After a few injuries on the slopes, Chrisitna moved back to New Orleans, LA to finish college. She completed her degrees in Management and Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, Then ventured to the Pacific Northwest to work at a small newspaper. She loved living on the California coast and learned a lot about local herbs, plants, mushrooms and primitive/outdoor skills. Christina traveled to Mexico & Guatemala as well and even considered moving there after a nine months stay, but life had other plans; It took her to the Southwest where she became a shepherdess and helped take care of a homestead for an elder Navajo couple on the reservation. If you haven’t been to Northern Arizona, Christina highly suggests discovering that area, as there is so much natural beauty. Christina met her partner in life, Davey, outside of Yosemite, CA. After some travels, adventures, and teaching at a children’s outdoor summer camp in the Santa Cruz mountains, they unexpectedly moved to Iowa, where her partner hails from, to support family members reeling from a loss. For three years she explored the prarieland and rivers there, gardened for a living, and enjoyed the people of Iowa, yet she still yearned for the mountains. Later on, Christina and Davey traveled to Asheville to visit friends there and get to take in some mountain air. After Christina’s first visit to the Asheville area, she knew this is where they were to move someday. It had the things they were yearning for – mountains, clean water, National Forest to get lost in and discover, and a great city nearby to have fun in. Christina says “If you’re ever bored here, it’s your own fault because you have the mountains and the city to get lost in and enjoy.” After moving to Asheville, Christina worked at a property management company and from there decided to obtain her broker’s license. Though most of her property management and real estate experience was residential from the start, Christina is most at home working with land. Christina takes utter delight in exploring and discovering new property and finding the unique aspects that makes each property “glow” and stand-out on it’s own. Additionally, her background in Marketing , Management & Business Administration allows her to analyze, understand and advertise your property to find the right buyers in this market. Throughout all her life, Christina has realized that she is passionate about helping people grow as individuals and families while doing her best to create positive, educational experiences for everyone involved. We need bridges in every aspect of the world to build and foster community and communication – Christina is a reliant bridge in the world of real estate.
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