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Jackie Curé
Land Specific Broker
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For many years I’ve gravitated towards land sales and a few years back I decided I wanted to simply specialize. So that is exactly what I’ve done and have now surrounded myself with some of the best like-minded Brokers in the region. We are Brokers associated with and call ourselves Land Specific Brokers.

As a specialist, we list and market large tracts of land, small farms, large estates and luxury homes. I am one of those Brokers who work for the pleasure of the accomplishment. I am task oriented and enjoy finding the impossible and marketing in general. I’ve been in real estate since 1994 and just could not imagine doing anything else. I am what you call aged and experienced. I still have this undeniable want to share my knowledge with my clients. My business motto is that I will always tell you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear. That is always where good advice is born.

When you are interested in working with a Land Broker that has a tremendous amount of experience and has a great sense of humor, please don’t hesitate to call me.

See you in the woods!
Jackie Curé

Thomas Curé
Land Specific Broker
Office: 828-400-3475
Cell: 828-400-3475
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Known as the younger brother that likes to travel, Tom Cure is described by his family and friends as free-spirited and independent. His father was born in Chile and his mother was born in Arkansas and they met at the University of Oklahoma in Norman Oklahoma. Tom is one of nine kids. He and two other siblings were born in Valencia, Venezuela. At the age of six, Tom came to America. After living in South Florida for some ten years, the Cure Family made their final move to Waynesville in 1990, and have been calling Western North Carolina home ever since.

Tom caught the travel bug in high school at the age of 17 and went to England for football (soccer) camp. Four years later he set his sights on Ireland as the next destination. He visited Dublin, Dingle, Galway and the Cliffs of Moore. While backpacking through Ireland he enjoyed the fresh taste of Guinness and Irish set dancing with the locals. About two years later, he traveled to Egypt and Israel, visiting the Great Pyramids at Giza, the Holy city of Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, as well as Tel Aviv. In 2001 Tom went to Chile to visit family and began to understand his heritage from his father’s side. Later on, Tom visited Belize with family and friends and explored the Blue Hole, swam with sharks and experienced the second largest reef in the world. Tom has always said, “There is no better way to explore a country than to immerse yourself in the culture.” With that, he went to France to experience a friends wedding.

After earning his Associate degree and trying his hand at a Bachelor’s degree at UNC-Asheville, Tom decided to take a journey of a lifetime. In April of 2005, Tom started thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, a 2174 mile trail that covers 14 states from Georgia to Maine. Since Tom is one to enjoy the journey more than the destination, he hiked as far as Pennsylvania which was 1300 miles into the trail. Seeing the heart of America from the mountains and enjoying many of the towns along the way, he met many wonderful people that became lifelong friends. This journey is to be continued. Katahdin, the northernmost terminus of the A.T. still whispers.

After all his travels, Tom got to be somewhat of a homebody. His girlfriend at the time wanted nothing to do with staying put and pressed him to take her out on new adventures! For their first trip together Shannon chooses India. If you’re going to go big…GO BIG! It was a short-term mission trip with their church. The trip consisted of working with an orphanage called Asha House (Hope House), Leaper Colonies and a group called Truth Seekers (washing the feet of Untouchables). Tom had one more item on the list…proposal! He had the bright idea to propose to Shannon at the Taj Mahal! “It caught her completely by surprise.”

The spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship was instilled in Tom from a young age by his mother Jonnie Cure, owner and broker of Southern Exposure Realty. After Tom graduated from high school, he and his brother Jorge opened up two restaurants called Two Brothers Pizza. He says, “While young people were leaving the area for big cities, I had experienced that already and choose the small town lifestyle.” During this time period, they also owned a local bar before Tom reached legal drinking age. After a successful run in the restaurant business, Tom went into the construction industry as a painter. After several years of painting, he developed an excellent reputation. Naturally, he started his own successful painting business.

Tom looks at real estate as another journey to meet interesting people and make lifelong friends. The Cure Family knows the real estate market and Tom has been immersed in it for most of his life. As a third generation real estate agent, Tom has a strong history of the real estate trade. “I guess it’s in my blood,” says Tom. He joined Jackie’s team at saying, “Her leadership and vision for the market and this industry is ten years ahead of any other team in the business.” Tom invites you to put on your boots and go hiking with him to find your dream Land in the mountains.

See you in the woods!
Tom Curé

Our Tribe Leader

Citra loves working in real estate. She enjoys traveling with Tom and Shannon out in the country, especially to Madison County where she hails from. Citra was a rescue puppy was the Madison County Animal Shelter. Shannon and Tom think she is part Chihuahua and part Red Heeler. She definitely has the “working dog” instincts of a Heeler. She also enjoys hanging out at Dirty Jacks a/k/a Green Man Brewing in downtown Asheville when she is not playing ball in the backyard or at the soccer fields.


 Christina Hoffman

Land and Farm Broker

Cell: 828-775-9116

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For Christina, being outdoors and in the garden is in her blood. Her great-great grandfather was dubbed the Pecan King of the South for the prized pecans he grew, her grandmother was an avid member of the garden club and her grandfather grew the tastiest tomatoes!
Christina hails from New Orleans, LA originally. Her Mom is a Mississippi native and her father is a 3rd generation New Orleanian. Christina caught the nature bug when she went to outdoor camps and spent time on her grandfather’s farm in Northern Mississippi when she was a child. After high school she moved to Reno, NV to go to college. Soon into her first year there she discovered snow skiing and jumped into a life of being a ski and race instructor in Lake Tahoe. So, if you ever need ski lessons, let her know!
After a few injuries on the slopes, Chrisitna moved back to New Orleans, LA to finish college. She completed her degrees in Management and Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, Then ventured to the Pacific Northwest to work at a small newspaper. She loved living on the California coast and learned a lot about local herbs, plants, mushrooms and primitive/outdoor skills. Christina traveled to Mexico & Guatemala as well and even considered moving there after a nine months stay, but life had other plans; It took her to the Southwest where she became a shepherdess and helped take care of a homestead for an elder Navajo couple on the reservation. If you haven’t been to Northern Arizona, Christina highly suggests discovering that area, as there is so much natural beauty.
Christina met her partner in life, Davey, outside of Yosemite, CA. After some travels, adventures, and teaching at a children’s outdoor summer camp in the Santa Cruz mountains, they unexpectedly moved to Iowa, where her partner hails from, to support family members reeling from a loss. For three years she explored the prarieland and rivers there, gardened for a living, and enjoyed the people of Iowa, yet she still yearned for the mountains. Later on, Christina and Davey traveled to Asheville to visit friends there and get to take in some mountain air. After Christina’s first visit to the Asheville area, she knew this is where they were to move someday. It had the things they were yearning for – mountains, clean water, National Forest to get lost in and discover, and a great city nearby to have fun in. Christina says “If you’re ever bored here, it’s your own fault because you have the mountains and the city to get lost in and enjoy.”
After moving to Asheville, Christina worked at a property management company and from there decided to obtain her broker’s license. Though most of her property management and real estate experience was residential from the start, Christina is most at home working with land. Christina takes utter delight in exploring and discovering new property and finding the unique aspects that makes each property “glow” and stand-out on it’s own. Additionally, her background in Marketing , Management & Business Administration allows her to analyze, understand and advertise your property to find the right buyers in this market.
Throughout all her life, Christina has realized that she is passionate about helping people grow as individuals and families while doing her best to create positive, educational experiences for everyone involved. We need bridges in every aspect of the world to build and foster community and communication – Christina is a reliant bridge in the world of real estate.

Zack Lowe

Cell: 828-989-5365

Fax: 866-521-3022

For Zack it goes well beyond being LandCrazy. This guy is guano loco about it! He falls in love
with each acre of every mountain and really wishes he had the means to buy up every parcel to
place in conservancy. He’s in love with the wild forests and rolling pastures of Western North
Carolina and hopes to see them preserved for future generations.

Zack enjoys working with homesteaders and stewards of the land. He admires those that wish
to live as our forefathers did; getting back to their roots, unafraid of getting dirty. He yearns for
a harmonious connection with the land and is fascinated by ecology. He desires to find his
place on earth, instead of demanding a place be adjusted to suit him. He has a neurosis for
symbiosis and is constantly pondering his role in the invisible web of systems that are
functioning throughout nature.

Every chance Zack gets he spends outdoors. You may find him perched high in a tree taking in
distant views, climbing up a random rock face, digging around in the garden with his children,
or just sitting in the forest quietly listening to nature’s sounds and absorbing the surroundings.

Back to real estate. For most realtors it’s about the dollar, and ultimately price DOES determine
purchase, but Zack wants it to be more. He wants it to be about the lust for land and the love
of farms. He wants to help provide certainty for the buyer or seller that they are making the
best choice. He strives to do his absolute best for every client and pays close attention to
details. He is there to listen and help you find something truly unique and special.

He would like to use his passion for land to lead you to your own place of inspiration.